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10 Facts about Marketing everyone thinks is true

Sep 4, 2016 | Business, Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing is no longer only applicable on TV, newspapers and magazines. It is digital. We all know this to be true, but did you know most people think these facts are true?

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  1. Advertising banners on websites get higher click rates. This is false. Most clicks on banners are purely accidental!
  2. Facebook is overrated as a Marketing tool. Facebook is great if you target the right people, at the right time, with the best ad you can afford.
  3. All branded emails are opened.  Nope. More than half of those emails are opened on mobile devices and the rest are deleted.download
  4. People will tell others if they had a positive experience with your company. Not likely, unless someone specifically asks them about a product or service they acquired. They are more likely to share negative experiences freely.
  5. Offline promotions are no longer used. Think again. More than half of the businesses out there still use print and other marketing mediums.
  6. Twitter and Facebook are the most effective content marketing tools. Ummm…no! It is Linkedin.images
  7. Most business-to-business marketers measure their success based on their subscriber growth.  Really? Not true. In fact, they measure their success based on their website traffic and interaction.
  8. Hosting live events are no longer necessary. The days of mingling and face-to-face interaction are far from over. Go wine and dine your prospects.
  9. The top Marketing goal of any company is sales. Hate to disappoint, but in this day and age, this is incorrect. The top marketing goal is to retain customer retention and loyalty. Who knew?download1
  10. The top reason customers have a relationship with a brand is because of interaction. Sooo not true. The top reason why customers buy from a business and stay with that business is “shared values.”

Closing fact: Having regular blog posts, videos, info-graphics and webinars count for 61% of sales. The majority of your marketing efforts can be channeled through your website and shared via social media and email newsletters.

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