Wildfire Media’s shareholders all have successful businesses of their own. But their number one priority is always…YOU!

10 Ways How Not to hold back your Business

Jul 24, 2016 | Business, Updates | 0 comments

Wildfire Media’s shareholders all have successful businesses of their own. But their number one priority is always…YOU! So with that in mind, they shared some helpful tips on how to grow your hobby into a business, and your business into a successful brand! The key focus is not just the growing part, but also the sustaining part. If you have an existing business, read on! You won’t believe your eyes!!

1. Define your brand or re-define it!
You need to know what your business’ brand is. Define who and what your business is all about! Is your business brand friendly or straight forward? Is your business’ voice informal or formal? Do you want to portray your business as approachable, positive and knowledgeable? Or do you want your business to personify other traits? Once you have defined your business brand, carry that message across all your social networks.
2. Have a unique selling point!
Stand out from your competitors by offering your customers something they cannot get anywhere else. We don’t mean special offers and discounts. This needs to be part of your core business that customers would want to connect with you rather than your competitors. Think about that one? Why should they use you?
3. Bravely go where no man has gone before!
Many snorts have probably escaped a few readers right now. We know! Easier said than done, right? But here’s the thing… In today’s “instant gratification” digital age, you need to take risks and be bold to get potential customer’s attention. How? Create controversy. Create debate. Create consideration. Bottom line, be creative.

“Create controversy. Create debate. Create consideration. Bottom line, be creative.”

4. Own it!
Once you have set out to do something, own it! Be confident and be bold. Great leaders have more than just ‘big’ voices, they have ‘big’ actions and don’t care about what people think or say.
5. Connect with your customers!
You need to go through people’s hearts to get to their wallets. True story! Studies have shown that due to social media, everyone feels more disconnected than ever. Sad, really, but in the end if you can give your customers the attention they crave, you will reap the benefits.
6. Partner with successful businesses.
What? Partner? Network linking is a great way to partner up with successful businesses. Offer successful businesses an incentive to add your website link to their websites. Guest blog for influencers/ successful business or co-blog on an article that they care about. Propose to do a feature on them on your website in exchange for a few shares on social media.

7. Leverage them!
Use your new found connections as a base for increasing your exposure. The people you surround yourself with can benefit your social standing, just as the alignments you have online can increase your status.
8. Expose yourself!
Turning to the media once you have reached marginal success is great way to gain more exposure and grow. Businesses can learn a lot from celebrities. They don’t make a move without informing the media where and when they are going to be there. Your business needs to be a media hound. Invite media to your events, share your achievements, and grow!
9. Manage your success!
The best way to advertise and promote your business is to use each success as a stepping stone to the next. “Hey! Remember that time we were number one or did that? Now watch what we’re going to do!” Use social media to grow your following, and use that following to gain leads. Turn those leads into sales!
10. Remember your team!
Is Jo-Lo still Jenny from the block? Yeah! So make sure you remember the people who got you where you are and build them up too. That includes your staff, former customers and suppliers. Who you have behind you is just as important as those in front of you!

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