There is so much online noise, and somehow no one is listening. Social media have become more about one-sided broadcasting than two-way conversation. Everyone is screaming, and everybody feels more isolated than ever before. So how can you; the artist, the business, the brand, stop being almost non-existent in the news feeds and increase your sales? The key is to make your followers and customers feel like they are not invisible in this sea of sharing.


“You need to remember that your followers, many who are potential customers, follow your business or brand for a reason, and therefore, they expect you to engage with them on a personal level. How can you make them feel valued and engage with them on a personal level, if you don’t know why they are following you in the first place.”


Do they want customer service or certain problems resolved? Or are they looking for promotions and deals? You might discover that they want you to help them in the purchasing decisions, by providing them with more information.

Once you know this, you can go from broadcaster to seller in no time!

Hone your Social Listening skills!  

Social Listening is more than just doing searches for certain keywords and responding to mentions online. Every business, and brand must keep an eye on customers, competitors and conversations in order to hone their social listening skills. Not only can you be at the forefront of new developments by listening to customer’s suggestions, but you can resolve potential negative feedback quickly. By responding to them in language they understand and on a personal level, your existing and future customers, will leave the competitors outside the door. Google Alerts, TweetReach and SocialMention are just three of the many online resources to help you do this.

Do Online Research

What do your customers want more of? Promotions? Technical support? Advice? Sneak peeks? Ask them directly, or run polls and competitions. Customers are always eager to give their opinions. Then respond to them in person, even if it is just to thank them for taking their time to enter.

Use Visual Content

Creating visual, entertaining videos and quizzes to engage with your audience. Test different content types to see which performs better. Creating social media adverts is another way to stand out from all the online noise and the overload of information that is online. Even if you don’t get feedback, at least you know you have been seen online. Ride the coat tails of any successes you might have had, using plenty of visual reinforcements.

Social media listening is an incredibly valuable process for every business. Staying ahead of the industry curve, while anticipating and exceeding your customers’ needs is a skill that social listening can help you master.


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