5 Unexpected Uses For Your Website!

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In today’s world, people have websites for everything! Soon-to-be married couples have a website so invitees can RSVP, check out the venue and find all the information they need about the BIG DAY. Unemployed people create websites to enhance their CV, so potential employers can see who they are, what they stand for and what they offer. Businesses, especially, have gone a step further and are using their websites as an online brochure, customer service center and point of sale all in one! But that’s not all they do. AND, there is so much more you can do.

It doesn’t matter if you are a part-time hobbyist, corner florist or a big company. We have some more amazing ways you can use your website! Check out our top 5!

internet-1028794_960_720Check one! A business Card. 

Wait a business card? That’s right! You can use your website as a business card. Whenever you post a comment online, make sure your Avatar, Gravatar or Profile pic is linked to your website. They can immediately see who you are, and what your business is all about.

“Bet you didn’t know this?”

scarygiphyCheck two! Even the Score. 

Imagine being able to tell someone that you’ve written an article about a specific topic, therefore you know they are “misinformed,”  or threaten a company with an entire article about their poor service on your website! Sure there is Yelp, and other online forums, but writing an entire article? Oh yeah! That would make even the biggest companies a little frazzled.
wildfire media Check three! Good Old R & D.

How many companies that are not in the Research and Development industry use their website for R&D?  Very few! Most website hosts and blog platforms have easy to use Polls which you can add to your posts. So use them to find out all the information you can about your customers,  and what needs they have. Do surveys in order to reduce unnecessary work and streamline your operations.

wfm12Check four! Chat boards.

Let your visitors get to know one another. This is not a new concept. Many companies have bulletin boards or chat boards, where visitors can interact with other visitors and share information from fitness tips, music they like, to movies to see, live events to attend, or anything they want. The conversations never has anything to do with the company or what they offer. The idea is to keep visitors coming back to your site to check the latest on the topics they are interested in. Let them share things about them and you might learn a lot more about your target demographic.

catgiphy (1)Check Five! Show off your VIP’s. 

Your customers, loyal fans, or other people in your fields can contribute to your blog, and they can increase engagement. Enable your website to offer them the ability to create their own profile and share valuable information or exchange stories with your readers. By letting others speak for you, they bridge the gap between the brand and the consumer. Open your doors so they can grab your visitors’ attention.

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