8 Things about Social Media Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know

Jul 7, 2016 | Social Media, Updates | 2 comments

The thought of a 6 year old on a smartphone is a scary concept for most parents, but it is a reality.  All kids “need” phones to stay in touch with their friends and family in this day and age. To top that off, they also “need” tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

However, what they use their devices for might shock you!

The fact is that 60% of kids use their devices to access the internet and have social media accounts. Despite the dangers that lurk with privacy issues and cyber bullying, there are some positive points. They don’t want you to know about this, because then they won’t be smarter than you anymore!

  • They post a lot of photos and use characters they have created on Meez, different avatars and anime to express themselves on social media.
  • Kids of all ages use You Tube to gain knowledge on products that they are interested in and to learn how to use them. Thankfully for most part it relates to hobbies! It is also their number one source of entertainment. A second close one is Vine, which enables them to upload or watch short looped clips. These clips are often entertaining, thought provoking and educational.
  • Instagram, and Tumblr are huge favorites to catch up on the latest trends and news. Most kids use these platforms to vlog about themselves too, in order to share their experiences, their personalities and the things they find funny.
  • Tweens and teens use Twitter to “microblog” about their day or opinions, and also to stay up to date with celebrities and companies they support. It’s a great way for them to quickly grab the attention they “need.”

“The fact is that 60% of kids use their devices to access the internet and have social media accounts.”

  • Kids use texting apps, like Kik Messenger, Whatsapp and ooVoo to host group study sessions and discuss more important things, other than homework, after school. It is effective real time communication between them and those they care about.
  • Burn Note, YikYak, Whisper and Snapchat are becoming increasingly more popular by the day. The time limits kids can set to erase texts and photos on Burn Note and Snapchat, allows them to communicate anonymously and covertly, without the fear of what or who they said something about being discovered. 58% of friendships end because of something that was said online! Despite what the kids think, what they say always stays online, but these short, powerful messages can lead them to like minded people in the same area.
  • For live streaming chats, kids turn to YouNow and Facebook. They can watch broadcasts or host their own broadcast, expressing what they think or feel in a whole new light. The educational value alone exceeds any negatives for these youngsters.
  • 13% of teens use Google+, which is amazing, since no one really paid much attention to it in the past. It is a great place to host “hangouts” and follow conversations that interests them.

There you have it. Could you imagine the possibilities if you or your business used these platforms like kids do? Of course, don’t tell them what you know, because we wouldn’t want to interrupt their incessant grazing and texting to start an uproar?

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