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Why Auto Re-tweet Services are Killing your Business!

Sep 25, 2016 | Business, Social Media | 0 comments


Did you know? Over 100 million users log into Twitter daily, and over half of them use automated tweet services from Twitter content management platforms. Some of the big names include Hootsuite,  Sproutsocial, Tweetdeck, Roundteam, and so on. There is no shame in using a content management platform to schedule posts to your social media accounts. In fact, to curate and create valuable content to engage with your customers, platforms like Hootsuite are awesome, as they ensure that your posts are shared at optimal times, thereby delivering better results. It is simple case of time management and great organizational skills. That is good for you, your brand and your business!



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Sadly, the problem is not what you schedule to post, but rather what you automatically re-tweet. In recent months a great movement has begun, whereby customers, influencers and those visitors interested in participating in conversations, no longer follow accounts that use auto re-tweeting services. The reason for this is simple. Followers want to know that what you have re-tweeted, was specifically chosen with them in mind. They want authentic, well designed content, which relates to their interests and their needs.

Despite the fact that you can carefully set up auto re-tweet services to only tweeter specific accounts, lists and hashtags, what the best of them can’t do is prevent re-tweeting the odd rant, mentions, follower statistics and direct messages to another account. They also can’t prevent re-tweeting  an account that posts every 5 minutes and drowns out your own and other account’s posts.

We have experienced all of this first hand, where our followers were left in a sea of irrelevant information.


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The worst trend that has emerged is falsely designed tweets. These tweets contain specific words and hashtags that you are looking for, but the links are completely irrelevant. This deception is hard to uncover unless you have actually read the article, before you have retweeted it. Misleading headings designed to catch retweet bots looking for keywords and hashtags will get you unfollowed and ruin your reputation.


“Auto-retweeting not only devalues one’s content, but it makes you less social.”

In the end you want to engage with followers and drive content to start conversations. To do this you have to present online, and we mean really BE PRESENT.

Auto re-tweets, auto DM’s and auto mentions are a thing of the past. The time has come to be active and engage with your followers. We have done away with our auto re-tweeting service for this very reason. We want to connect on a more genuine level with our followers and to have our content and what we re-tweet be reliable, dependable and authentic. If you are serious about your customers and followers, you should too!

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