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The Future of Business in 2017

Aug 15, 2016 | Business, Marketing, Social Media, Updates, Websites, Wildfire Media World | 0 comments

This is what the future holds for businesses in 2017. The game will be changing in every form from Content Marketing, Social Media, to the very way business is conducted. And that is only online! Imagine the changes in the real world?

Browsing habits of consumers have changed already this year. Even though Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have increased their reach through video sharing, many more platforms are going to make an appearance in 2017. Snapchat has already taken over as the leading platform for video. By next year, businesses will need to go where the consumers are, rather than share to social networks directly from their website or blog. Consumers are everywhere and they go where information is the easiest to obtain in the shortest amount of time. Many would think consumers go directly to the company’s website, but the fact is that they turn to social media first.

“Where consumers go, so must we.”

So where does that leave businesses?

A recent survey by Hubspot showed that video is clearly the future. Consumers have busy lives and as a result, they need content that is easily “digested” and skimmed through. With a mobile focused society, that is even more important. The majority of consumers use their mobiles to search for products, information and services, using popular search engines, and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. They pay more attention to videos, than pod casts, although the latter has been on a steady rise and will most likely become more popular by next year. Consumers are interested in news first, then social media posts, research content, online classes and interactive tools and games. We can only hope Pokemon Go, stays out of the equation.

We also predict that In 2017, there will be a rise in AI technology, which will be incorporated into some consumer platforms and will no longer be limited to voice search adaptations like Siri.

With all the new innovations soon to be launched by Facebook, Google, Amazon and other online giants, businesses will need to step up their content marketing strategies and marketing efforts to accommodate an ever growing spectrum of consumer platforms and adapt to the consumer’s changing habits. We will be telling you how you can do that in our next post. But make no mistake, 2017 is going to be a very interesting year!

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