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How To Adapt & Succeed in 2017

How To Adapt & Succeed in 2017

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Businesses will need to step up their content marketing strategies and marketing efforts to accommodate an ever growing spectrum of consumer platforms and adapt to the consumer’s changing habits.

Last week we featured a post on how consumer behavior will change in 2017 and the impact it will have on businesses.

This week, we want to help you adapt to changing consumer behavior and show you how.

Business will need to go where the consumers are, and they go to where information is the easiest to obtain: social media. With so many social media platforms and many more to appear in the future, businesses need to step up their game. The key is to set up not just a multi channel content marketing strategy, but a digital marketing strategy as well, in order to stay relevant, drive conversation, generate leads and give customer’s what they value most.

A good digital marketing strategy allows for organizations to have cross-channel engagement with their shareholders/ investors, employees, suppliers and customers. For seamless and consistent engagement to work across all channels, companies will need be innovative and incorporate the latest technology. The focus will be on converging applications, channels, content, devices, networks and interaction. To converge all this, many companies will have to change their business models.


“The consumer expects the same interaction online as in the store, or expect the interaction they started online, to continue in a store.”

The good news is that you don’t have to change your entire business model. Companies can incorporate a digital marketing strategy into their existing business model, provided that they truly understand the needs of their customers, the shifts in their market place, the differentiation strategy of their business, and the best means for achieving success. Some companies have gone so far as to create a spin off business, to test a completely new digital marketing strategy without causing their traditional customers any unease.

So, how do you develop a digital marketing strategy? The first step is to assess your current business model and see where your strengths and weaknesses lie on the digital front. Based on the model below you can begin to formulate an action plan on how to bring your business model into the digital age.





Once a digital marketing strategy has been formulated, businesses and organization can set up a content marketing strategy geared towards conversation and conversion generation. Your content needs to be relevant to whatever industry you are in, and serve to enhance your visitor’s experience as well as educate them. Whatever content you create to share with your target audience, needs to be relevant, valuable and needs to be consistent. It needs to be about things your customers care about. You also want to create content that influencers will want to share to their audience! This will not only improve your SEO ranking, but will be great PR too.

The final step is to reach customers! With so many platforms out there, the best way to reach your customer is to know them and what their interests are. They will be on the platforms most in sync with their values and what information they find useful. However, in today’s economy, business will be looking towards reaching as many potential customers as possible, and build a relationship with them well in advance. As mentioned before, digital convergence of applications, channels, content, devices, networks and interaction will need to be developed. Marketing and advertising campaigns need to be designed for customer who also stream information online directly onto their smart TV’s or smart phones. Content marketing campaigns can use online solution companies, like Hootsuite to provide services for cross posting on multiple social networks and devices, following conversations & interactions, launching campaigns, analytics and more. For seamless and consistent engagement, Digital convergence for content and advertising across all channels, networks, applications, interactions and devices work best in the form of video.


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