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The Darth Vader approach to Content Marketing

Sep 13, 2016 | Business, Marketing, Updates | 0 comments

Darth Vader is probably the most scariest and unrealistic character to base your Content Marketing strategy on. However this character can teach you a thing or two!

The objective of every company, big or small, no matter what industry they are in, is to create awareness, generate leads and drive sales. In the digital arena, direct selling is no longer acceptable. In fact consumers will ignore you like the homeless guy in the alley.The key to sales is Content Marketing.

Every business wants to create viable and effective content, in order to connect with their customers, and stand out from their competitors, but that is not always easy. The web is saturated with information.  Many give up and many don’t bother at all. You need to have faith in your business and your product! You also do not need to hire a Content Marketer. You can do your own in-house content marketing and become an expert Content Marketer in your own right.


“Content Marketers do not need a budget! They just need a voice.”

This is why you should be like Darth Vader. He knows what he wants and he takes it. You want to create awesome content to connect with customers, start conversations and leave your digital footprint?  We have some awesome tips for any business to start today!

First…ALTER THE DEAL! Set up a Content Marketing Strategy or change the one you have. Know exactly who, when, where, why and how you want to reach customers online. Once you know everything about your customers, start creating content that they will identify with. Your posts should always follow the 70-20-10 rule.

70% is created and curated content (shared content from your influencers, competitors and market leaders -but remember to always credit their work in your posts or tweets). Created and curated content consists of blog posts, articles and information that will educate, entertain and add value to your customer’s life.

20% should be personal content. This is about sharing experiences and valuable lessons with your customers. It can also be content that shows your customers that you share their values and ideals, whilst giving them a sense of belonging.

10% should be promotional content, however always have a “call-to-action” in each post and tweet, and always give the customer an incentive to share or make use of your promotion.



So about that 70-20-10 rule. How exactly do you get the 70% created and curated content? That is easier than you think. You have the information (sorry Darth…the “power”) at your fingertips. You just need to put it into blog posts.

Email queries from customers on your products and services can be used as content for a detailed blog post about each topic. Alternatively you can make up a post about all the Frequently Asked Questions and post it as a list on your blog. Your website’s FAQ section can also be used to build a detailed blog post.

What many people don’t realize is that employees hold a well of knowledge in their hands. Anyone from the receptionist, sales staff, accounts staff, and even management can give ideas based on their first hand experiences with customers or telephonic queries that they have received. Past conference materials, presentations and lectures can be incorporated, either as a blog post, video, or slide-share on your blog.

Information learned and obtained from Trade Shows can be used to further build on the knowledge you have of your industry. You can go so far as to use what your competitors are saying about you, against them in a post. (That’s so Darth Vader!) Of course you don’t want to blatantly say anything negative about your competition, but making them out to be the bad guys and look like fools in a subtle, funny manner, does work.

The next item on the list…is lists. Readers love statistics and facts, so blow them away with research in your field that you have done online. Even better, put it into a pretty little picture format, like an infographic and you’ve got gold! Use current events and Twitter trends and relate them to your products or services. Better yet, share with them what you and other employees need and use to do your daily functions. A “day in the life” or “behind the scenes” look into your business is better than any reality show. Your top 10 , advice and how to’s on using your products and services in a video format will make for killer content, and add a little variety to your normal posts too.

Darth Vader the crap out your customers, competitors and online conversations to get the topics you want to post about.

To find curated content to share with your customers directly to your social media platforms, or use the content in your blog posts, there are some great online sources like Trendspottr, ScoopIt, Reddit, etc. However you can checkout this great article by the Content Marketing Institute for more ideas. (see what we did there? – curated & credited!)




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