Any business wants to increase their profits, maximize their online reach and do so without breaking the bank. Therefore many will go to any length to advertise online and on Social Media platforms like Facebook. But is it worth it?

Before we get to that you need to understand how Facebook ads work.

First up you need a business page. As soon as you have posted on your business page, Facebook automatically starts giving you notifications to “Boost” your post. Even your news feeds often get interrupted with their ad for you to create an ad. When you eventually decide to turn a post into an ad or upload an ad that you have created, the fun part starts. You need to know funny words like goals, objectives, target market, and choose the type of audience you want to reach. Last but not least you need to choose your budget and what pay per options you want. You can pay per impression or pay per click. That will determine how you are billed. Once Facebook realizes that you are serious about this, they then allow you to design your ad headline and text, as long as it is only 90 characters, not 90 words, 90 characters long. After choosing your picture, you can select if potential customers can see your ads on their desktop, mobile or audience network. That all done you get to wait for your “order” to be reviewed and approved. Easy, isn’t it?

Wildfire Facebook

Yes it is. If you know what you are getting into before hand and know what you want to achieve in the end. Often business want sales, obviously, but thanks to ad tracking, and ad analytics, what they get is actually more information about who their target audience or potential customer is. At the end what they lost in “sales” they gain in insight. The very insight a business gains allows them to improve their advertising spending and effectiveness in future.

It goes without saying that the more you spend, the better it is, but the trick is not to spend your entire budget at once. Start off slowly and work your way up to where clicks are sales!

So is it worth it? We think it is. After all the entire Facebook ecosystem depends on these three words:

Perhaps you will see our new ad soon as Facebook, who knows?


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