10 Reasons your Online Presence is Failing

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In the global economy today, it is more important than ever to have an online presence. Self employed artists like Authors, Photographers, painters and designers, or home based businesses, corner shops, FMCG stores, and major multinational corporations are all in danger of losing out on opportunities and valuable income.

Most businesses have the basics like a Facebook page and Twitter account. Some even go further and use Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, Pinterest and other platforms to reach their target audience. They put in a great amount of effort and yet yield very little results. Why is that? The reasons are simple.

1. Punctuality!
You need to show up for your audience, and you need to show up on time. If you miss the peak hours your target market is online, your posts will get lost in the feeds and won’t be seen by those very important customers.  Do research online to find out where and when your demographic is online and schedule posts for those times.
2. Bad information!
It is pointless posting content at the optimal time, when the content itself is useless. You know who you want to sell to. Therefore post content that will be of interest to them. A little awareness, a lot of indirect marketing and a smidge direct marketing will go a long way. The best rule to follow is the 70-20-10 rule. 70% of your content should be blog posts, info-graphics, shares from your customers, competitors and popular conversations. 20% should be information that will add value to your target audience’s life, for example; shared values, experiences and educational posts. 10% and ONLY 10%, should be promotional content.
3. Too many Excuses!
The best time to start developing your online presence is right now. Even seasoned professionals get tired of posting content, but they do it. They don’t make excuses for not posting daily. Don’t wait for that special sale to start or your book to be launched. Start in advance and gain traction with whatever campaign you want to run.

“Stop making excuses”

4. Doing the bare minimum!
By posting a few things online and not actively engaging and sharing your content, you will not get far. You also need to encourage others to share your content in order for it to be seen. Simply having a one sided presence is not enough.
5. All smart and no brains!
Once you engage with your customers, it is pointless to act like you know everything and not take other’s opinions or suggestions into consideration. Don’t always give out information. Ask questions, run polls and get your audience involved. Make them feel like they are contributing to your business and adding value to the lives of others.
6. No conviction.
You have to believe in yourself, your business and your company’s vision, values and mission. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, you can not expect others to do so. Share those beliefs, core values and missions. Your business has to come across as authentic, approachable, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Reflect that in everything you do online.

7. Lack of productivity!
It is all very well to have an online presence, yet not know what to do with the information you gain in return. Many businesses simply ignore valuable analytics and insights into their business and blindly continue posting. Know what works, when, where, how, who and why. These insights will drive traffic to where you need it most….your bank balance!
8. Wrong kind of interaction!
To have an online presence, you need to interact with past, present and future customers. You also need to interact with your competitors and drive conversations. It sounds difficult, but it is not. Follow the golden rules: Don’t be rude, be approachable, don’t flirt, stay on the topic and never have derogatory remarks about another. Play nice as mom would say.
9. Apologies, apologies!
If you are going to come across like you are apologizing for your very existence, you will not get anywhere! On the other hand if you have to apologize a lot for your posts, you are doing something wrong. Evaluate your “online appearance” once in a while and you will never have to apologize again!
10. Lack of commitment!
Time is of the essence. We all know that. However that is not an excuse to rush through your posts, comments by others or any interaction online. Make time to thank those who have shared or commented on your posts. Be sure to reciprocate. Having an online presence means you have to be present. To have a successful online presence you also have to stay committed to the success of others, not just your own business. Your sales graphs will certainly show the results.

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