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By now you should know that your company’s PR, brand awareness, customer service and marketing, and well pretty much EVERYTHING else goes hand in hand with social media.  It’s all about creating an online presence. Sound easy right?


Sure it does! If you know how. There are thousands of helpful articles on SMO (Social Media Optimization). Every Tom, Dick and Sally is doing it. But we here at Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd want to show you how to make the most out of your social media presence.  How many times you must post on each social network and what content works best, is the key to a great social media experience.

First: Set up a Social Media Marketing Strategy and evaluate what you want to achieve from your posts. Set goals and assess them on a regular basis.

According to digital marketing guru, Jeff Bullas, your business needs to focus on engagement first and then sales. Here is a graph Jeff posted about the goals the most successful marketers achieve.


Posting on social media is all about content and etiquette. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Twitter: Many people tweet every fifteen minutes as they seem to think it increases their traffic and engagement. It does not. The engagement they receive is from people begging them to stop! Tweets can be pre-scheduled these days, and for the best results, between 5-10 tweets over 24 hours is enough. All you need is a very short & effective post, a catchy # or two (but no more than three hashtags), an informative yet entertaining picture and a call to action, like “Please retweet” or “Share now and win.” This is not an effective method to gain exposure…


Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus:  We have all seen it before. Someone posts the same post to several groups and every post appears on the Facebook or Google Plus Newsfeed. It’s great when people schedule different posts frequently too, but every hour? Nope. A maximum of 5 posts per day is needed. However, to promote your brand or business effectively on these social networks takes a little oomph! You need more than visual content. You need short messages with videos and pictures on special offers, promotions, upcoming events and company culture. Your posts need to drive engagement and create interaction and not be a direct sales pitch. Again a call to action also goes a long way.

This is a great example for Lowe’s sprinkler systems:


Linkedin:  Linkedin requires 3 things to make your post shine among the best of them. Strong thumbnail images, compelling headlines and personalized content. Share your experiences, helpful advice, failures, successes, company updates and what inspires you. These posts will create interaction and great exposure. For best practices only post 3 times a day. Any more, and you’ll be considered a spammer.


You Tube, Tumbler, and the rest:  Once a day is enough, really! Your videos, vlog feeds or blog posts need to be high quality, visually stimulating and generate engagement. Post a “behind the scenes” look into your company, product information sessions or “a how to”  once a day. Top 10 lists and guides generate the most traffic.

The key to all successful social media posts is engagement. Your posts need to be fun, entertaining and educational. Once they are posted, engage with those who have shared or liked your work. You can say a simple thank you, ask question about the person or add a witty comment of your own to create more feedback. Do not turn customer’s comments into an opportunity to make a sales pitch.

You need to set yourself up as a market leader, a person/ business of influence and an industry leader. Engage with your followers on a personal level. The sales will follow in time.


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