The Secret Behind Mom & Pop Stores – Everyone’s in on it!

The Secret Behind Mom and Pop Stores

Jun 13, 2016 | Business, Updates | 1 comment

There is a big move away from Franchises and Corporate companies, as customers are starting to support the small business owner.

What’s old is new and what’s small is big again!  Everyone is on it.

We love supporting the local grocers, bakers, electricians, mechanics and butchers. Occasionally even the local liquor store, or as we like to call it, the pharmacy!

Why? We give you exhibit A!


Even though their numbers are dwindled in the suburbs and cities alike, Mom & Pop stores have remained a constant since childhood. Nostalgia aside, they have not sacrificed their humanity for profit, unlike franchises. In order to survive they have diversified and still kept their unique ability to provide “the personal touch” to customers.

“They offer the best and most personalized experience and customer satisfaction”.

For that reason core customers return again and again, not to buy a specific brand, but to buy LOCAL and get that experience. These core customers outspend the rest and offer valuable word-by-mouth advertising. There aren’t enough coupons or point systems in the worlds the compete with the power of that!

Some major stores like Tesco, Whole Foods and Walmart, to name a few, have already begun to move into smaller spaces  a long time ago, in order to provide a “specialized” service for locals. They have done away with the big shelf space and large inventory to stock low cost necessities to gain entry into this niche.

Mom and Pop stores will however remain the future because they offer something that Tesco and the likes never will. They offer a sense of community and loyalty to their own community. They instill a sense of belonging, and provide customers with honesty, care and peace of mind.

When is the last time your service provider, or chain store provided that?

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